Dr. Eric Jonathan Hall

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
College of Arts & Sciences
University of Missouri --- Kansas City

206 Haag Hall, 5100 Rockhill Rd.  Kansas City, MO 64110

 Office: Manheim 306-B (map)
  Phone: 816-235-5852  
  Email: halle@umkc.edu

  Fall 2014 Office Hours 
         Mon    3:45- 5:15
         Wed   10:45-12:00
         Thurs  4:45- 6:15
     (or other times by appointment)

Fall 2014 teaching:
I am the Interim Department Chair for Mathematics & Statistics for the Fall 2014 semester.
I am the Math & Stat Departmental Advisor for freshmen/sophomore math majors and minors. (The junior/senior math advisor is Majid Bani-Yaghoub.) If you are a math major but haven't me or Majid, please make an appointment or stop by! If you are thinking of becoming a math major or math minor, please visit either one of us.

In my role as advisor, I'm especially useful for questions pertaining to the Math/Stat Department classes and undergraduate programs (though I also enjoy talking about other things). The principal graduate advisor is Liana Sega. For advising on non-math courses and general requirements for the BA or BS degrees, you may also find the College of Arts & Sciences Advising Office to be helpful.

I have been a member of the mathematics faculty at UMKC since August 2003.

Some prior associations: Maybe some of you know me from my three years as a professor at Purdue University, or my five years as a graduate student at the University of Michigan, or my twenty-four years attending to various matters in the state of Minnesota (I've lived in Minneapolis, Northfield, and Edina, and I worked at Unisys in Roseville for a couple years). During Fall 2011, I was visiting the University of the Aegean in the town of Karlovasi.

Research Papers in Set Theory.    Titles which are links are links to PDF files.

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